Service portfolio

Quality and system tests

  • Identification of polyurethane foams in observance with EN 253
  • Type checks of bends, sleeves and branchline parts
  • Recognised examining laboratory in observance with DIN CERTCO for checking DIN EN 253, DIN EN 448, DIN EN 488 and DIN EN 489
  • Determination of thermal conductivity of thermal insulated single and twin pipe systems
  • Check of fittings up to DN 300 and maximum tension and compression up to 1000 kN
  • Constant quality observation in district heating expansion
  • Practical tests in a 24 m earth channel
  • It is possible to hand out a responsible certificate concerning your tests. Furthermore the FFI is able to sort out tests regarding the EHP - certificate.

Practical tests

  • Tests of buried pipes in a 1:1 scale in combination with individual bedding (different materials and compressions)
  • Simulation of traffic load
  • Simulating of moving forces up to 500 kN
  • Temperature control of soil in the range of −25 °C … +35 °C
  • Survey of performance and control response of compact district heating stations in observance with DIN and AGFW guidelines