• With local traffic to bus stop Westerfeld/Weetzener Landstraße.
    This bus station is served by bus numbers 300, 350, 360 and 366.
    Continue by feet (c. 5 minutes walk). Go towards the crossroads. Keep right into street Weetzener Landstraße. Turn right into street Heinrich-Hertz-Straße after c. 300 meters. Turn left into street Max-von-Laue-Straße at first crossroads. The institute building stands on first curve of street Max-von-Laue-Straße.
  • By train to Hanover main station.
    From central bus station "Hauptbahnhof/ZOB" (c. 5 minutes walk) with bus number 300 (direction Pattensen) to bus stop Westerfeld/Weetzener Landstraße (travel time c. 30 minutes). "Continue by feet" from here.
  • By airplane to Hanover-Langenhagen airport.
    Continue with city train (S-Bahn) number S5 to Hanover main station (travel time c. 16 minutes). Continue "by train" from here.