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Max-von-Laue-Str. 23
30966 Hemmingen

 Tel: +49 511 943 70-0
Fax: +49 511 943 70-70
@: info@fernwaerme.de




Engineering Consultations

  • Failure analysis and failure assessments

  • Support and attendance of repair and restoration measures

  • Elaboration of renovation concepts

  • Execution of research projects

  • Scientific support of field and pilot tests

  • Expertises and expert reports on district heating technologies, components and structures regarding optimized operation


Planning of energy supply concepts

Planning of district heating and cooling networks, regarding

  • Design and conception of heating and cooling, see figure below

  • Hydraulic dimensioning

  • Thermal dimensioning

  • Dynamic and detailed thermal and hydraulic state assessment in and previous to operation

  • Energetic conception

  • Customized data collection

  • Customized consumer modelling


Exemplary illustration of a heating and cooling network for simulation.

  Scheme of a heating and cooling networks


Optimization of district heating and cooling networks regarding


  • Reliability of heat and cooling supply

  • Investments for construction

  • Operational costs

  • Possibilities of future expansions

  • Integration of different and most diversified energy sources

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